5 Reasons Why Refurbished Electronic Devices Are Growing In Popularity

Date Posted:15 October 2015 


While there always will be some consumers  wanting to keep up to date with the latest electronic devices – such as mobile phones, tablets, computers etc. – there is a growing number of consumers across the globe that are increasingly wary of the continuously evolving technology that is changing in a rapid pace. The length of a product life cycle, for mobility devices in particular, keep reducing at a great scale, which makes it difficult for many consumers to justify the alarmingly high costs of brand new devices that enter the market each day. Here are some of the reasons why customers are gradually moving to the refurbished device market for their technology needs.

1. Price

Often price is the key reason for choosing to purchase a refurbished device. The savings you can achieve will depend on the type of device, the number of years the product has been in the market, etc. However, in most cases, there will be significant savings that are enough to justify buying a refurbished piece of hardware.


2. Range/choice available

There is a much wider choice available in the refurbished device market, in comparison to choosing from a handful of latest devices that are released to the market at a given time. This makes it easier for a user to find a device that best suit his/her needs, and not pay for functionality/technology that they do not intend to use.


3. Cheaper ongoing costs

This is especially true with devices such as mobile phones and tablets. In Australia, many consumers tend to get into locked-in long term contracts with service providers, in order to avoid high upfront costs associated with purchasing devices outright. Apart from the expensive ongoing costs of these plans, the inflexibility usually means that consumers won’t be able to take advantage of the best available offers in the market from time to time.


4. Easy access to refurbished devices

Not only are refurbished devices more readily available than they were a few years ago due to easy access to parts and accessories as well as simplified technology advancements that makes repair easier, the quality of such devices have also increased.


5. Environmental impact

Last but not least, the contribution you make to the environment when using a refurbished device, by keeping it out of landfill, could be reason enough for many of us who genuinely care about the planet we live in. 

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