Mobile Phone Phenomenon

Date Posted:22 October 2015 


Believe it or not there are still generations of people that can remember well life before the onset of mobile phones.  They can recall having to find a public phone whenever they were out & in need of assistance. The list for that service was unrelenting:-

  • The car broke down and you had to call for roadside assistance – after a long walk
  • You were running late for an appointment
  • You were driving to a new area and became terribly lost
  • You or someone you were out with became ill and was in need of urgent medical assistance
  • The house phone was not working and important calls needed to be made
  • The children  were being minded and you wanted to ring up to check on them

No wonder when the first mobile phones were introduced that people took to them like flies.  What a wonderful solution to relying on public phones, which most often were not working.

Costs versus Convenience

The convenience of owning such a handy piece of technology soon outweighed the costs. Consumers quickly found a way to finance their purchase or monthly plan with the Telco companies that were grappling with the demand. The list of benefits were drawing in members of the public from all walks of life –

  • Emergency situations & a quick call on the mobile
  • Running late for appointments - now easy to call ahead
  • Lost – ring through for advice
  • Car broken down – ring for assistance from the comfort of your vehicle
  • House phone – who needs that now?
  • Children can use the mobile phone when out & need their parents help
  • Parents have peace of mind when their children are out as reachable by phone
  • Co-ordination to meet at an event becomes less stressful

One could speculate how society ever survived without this revered mobile phone? Even the elderly now realise the necessity of owning one.  At the very least it puts the minds of their families at rest.

Suppliers abound

So from the young to the elderly the span of consumer ownership has grown beyond all expectations. Along with the phone come accessories and then spare parts, further creating a demand for a reliable supply of these items.  Luckily for the consumer there are now good & honest companies that supply all of the above through on line websites.  Look for ones that offer sound & honest advice.

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