Iconic Mobile Phones

Date Posted:2 November 2015 


Over a decade ago, asking someone if they had a mobile phone was a question which could have gone either way. Nowadays, people simply ask for your number, or if you have the latest and greatest offering. The mobile phone has become a necessity to many people, both personally and professionally. But there were a lot of stepping stones between phone box and smart phone, many of these were missed by a lot of people. We’re going to have a look at some of the most iconic phones to be released over the journey.

Motorola DynaTAC.

This is where it all began, the humble telephone left our wall and was finally portable. Whilst it wasn’t quite ready to fit into a pocket yet, it did transform the way some people were able to conduct business. The most iconic of these were immortalized on film, with the likes of Michael Douglas and Christian Bale able to portray their character’s executive position successfully. This model evolved over a decade, eventually having an LED screen becoming a part of it. If only they were to know the importance a screen would play with our current smart phones.

Nokia 3310.

Thus phone still dominates social media memes with its indestructible status becoming almost legendary. Its durability and quality of video call helped Nokia sell over 126 million units over its lifetime, cementing it as one of the most popular mobiles of all time. Whilst all of this is nice, it will be most remembered for Snake II. The ability to customize it with removable covers was also ahead of its time.


You either loved or hated this little pocket computer. With a full keyboard in miniature form, the Blackberry allowed its user to check their emails on the go, a feature we now take for granted. But for its time this device opened a new door for the mobile businessman, who couldn’t be chained down to a desktop. On the other hand however, those with poor eyesight or hand-eye coordination struggled with the tiny buttons and spent more time backspacing than actually typing. Never referred to as a mobile, you either had a phone or a Blackberry.

With the emergence of the smartphone, and at the rate it is evolving, these ancestors are quickly becoming relics. But I challenge someone to hold their old phone in their hand and not allow a smile at how they used to get by.

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